Partners OHS Program

The Partners OHS Program is part of our implementation phase.

The program has been developed to proactively assist you organisation to meet their obligations, protect the health, safety and wellbeing of their employees and everyone affected by your organisation’s activities, and minimise potential negative risks impacting on the safety of your business.

Price Schedule

Onsite Support Package 1

Duration: 15 Hrs/Year

Cost: $250/Month

Onsite Support Package 2

Duration: 20 Hrs/Year

Cost: $350/Month

The key objective of the Partners OHS Program is to assure momentum is continued on the best practice journey by either supplementing existing OHS resources or alternatively providing you with ongoing access to a ‘part time’ Safety and Training Specialist.

Our services are outcome based rather than auditing exercises, making a real contribution to adding value and reducing risk. With extensive experience of working across a range of sectors and business types, we know the priorities on which to focus and how to keep bureaucracy and costs to a minimum.

We will work with your organisation as a partner.

Highlights of our Partners Program:

  • A qualified Safety and Training Specialist as your designated support
  • We develop and help you implement your Prioritised Safety Action tailored to your precise needs
  • A bank of hours that you can draw upon as you need to address OHS issues as they arise or to provide regular support implementing your OHS Management System
  • Emergency assistance is provided in the case of, for example, Regulator visits and incident investigations.

We offer two standard Partners packages.  Client specific Partners packages can be developed as agreed with you to meet the needs of your organisation.