Frequently Asked Questions

Occupational Health & Safety

Is TCA Partners Training nationally recognized and who accredits your training courses?

Yes.  We are a Registered Training Organization (RTO Provider No. 22056) who is accredited with Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA). This enables TCA Partners Training to deliver Nationally Recognised Training throughout Australia.

How is TCA Partners Training different from other providers

All of our people spend time in the field each year as OHS Specialists, on projects and maintenance shutdowns. They are responsible and accountable for making real life jobs happen, for coming up with viable safe solutions to executing work in the field. They  understand the expectations and drivers for all participants, from the client to the various contractors engaged in those industries.

Our training courses are geared to delivering practical excellence – we don’t just run through powerpoints. Through our practical’s we challenge individuals to work through real life situations, to think their way through issues to come up with safe ways of completing the tasks they are set.  We aim to make a difference, to deliver best practice to our clients and the way they manage occupational health and safety in their day to day business, projects and maintenance shutdowns.

We don’t run training courses for the sake of running a course.  We run training courses as required by our clients, customised to their needs, culture and equipment and we train to the highest standard making sure individuals finish the course with knowledge and skills outcomes to actually implement the solutions in the workplace.

Can training be undertaken at our location?

It depends on the Unit of Competency you want delivered. We have purpose built training structures at our facility, making it easy to facilitate the sessions and we are protected from the weather so the training can go ahead regardless of the conditions.

Our preference is to conduct training at our facility in North Geelong wherever possible, to ensure that the practical sessions are thorough, comprehensive and ensure that individual’s completing the training are proficient.

However, in some circumstances TCA Partners Training can come on-site to your workplace to conduct training.  To do so we would need to come to site prior to the training being undertaken, to confirm that the training venue, the structures to be utilised for the practical training, (and an client supplied equipment to be used during the practical training) are fit for purpose and we can facilitate the practical sessions in a manner consistent with the unit of competency assessment requirements.

Can the training courses be tailored to suit our industry/business

Certainly.  During your inquiry and booking, our main objective is to gather lots of information about your training requirements.  This way we can incorporate relevant company policies, procedures, protocols and occasionally equipment into the training course.  It also means that our trainers have an awareness of your workplace, what you want to get from the training and what sort of work you do.

What are your course fees?

It depends on what sort of training programs you are looking for and whether we are facilitating a standaline unit of competency or clustering two or three units together.  Contact us to get information on the availability and costing.

How many students do you take per course?

Class numbers are typically limited to 8 or 10, dependent on the course.


What is your cancellation/refund policy?

For information regarding cancellation/refund policy, refer to the Learner Handbook.

What recognition apply to these course?

For Nationally Recognised Training Units a Statement of Attainment will be issued upon completion.

For the Awareness Units a Statement of Attendance will be issued upon completion.

For information about Recognised of Prior Learning (RPL) please refer to the Learner Handbook.

Is this another boring theory session, or do we get interesting ‘hands on’ training?

Whilst the amount and type of practical activities depend on the course type, all of our training courses have a practical component.  As a company we pride ourselves on ensuring that real life industrial scenario’s are integrated into all our practical sessions – we focus on making sure you leave with knowledge and physical skills that are relevant and useable in your workplace.

How much physical activity is included and what level of fitness is required?

A reasonable level of fitness is required for most courses.  For courses such as confined space and breathing apparatus, you will be participating in multiple simulated workplace work activities.

What type of clothing or special tools/equipment etc is required?

TCA Partners will supply all specialist equipment or tools for the training.  For this information on clothing/PPE requirements refer to the Learner Handbook.

Is there parking available?

There is free parking at our North Geelong facility.