AS4801/ISO45001 Audit

The adoption and implementation of a range of effective AS4801 safety systems in a systematic manner can contribute to optimal safety performance and support your business objectives

Auditing of your OHS Management System using the benchmark standard of AS4801 or ISO45001 as well as taking into account state and federal legislation assists in ensuring the legal compliance of your system.

The auditor that we allocate to your business will review your policies, processes, procedures, records and other documents relevant to your management system as required by AS 4801 or ISO45001. We will also look at how you maintain and improve your system through planning, internal audits and reviews.

The audit will commence with a meeting to confirm the audit process, afterwhich we will get your team to take us through your business processes. This is where you tell us what you do and show us corresponding records. We try to make this a friendly, positive and productive process. We are there to collect a body of evidence that demonstrates the effectiveness of your systems to the standard.

On completion of the audit, we will have a closing meeting with you to discuss any findings that we have from the audit. You will be issued with a report that summarises the audit with comments, recommendations and any areas that require action.