Contractor Management

Effective contractor management is a commercial imperative in contemporary business.

It leads to compliance with legal obligations, optimum safety and business performance and effective and sustainable relationships between the company and its contractors.

We provide advice to our clients and help them to develop and implement contractor management systems and processes that address their specific needs and deliver tangible business benefits.

Design of cost-effective contractor management systems – to meet the unique needs of your business, and to address OHS issues at each stage of the contracting process from specification development and tendering through to ongoing management and review.

Design contract specifications and performance requirements – to ensure that contractors have a clear understanding of your expectations before works commence and to drive desired OHS performance outcomes.

Assessment of contractors OHS systems – at the tender stage to determine their compliance to legislation, standards, specifications and their likelihood of achieving performance requirements.

Ongoing auditing / surveillance – of contractors’ systems to provide independent and accurate advice to ensure system and contractual requirements are being fulfilled, critical risks are identified and adequately managed to meet your expectations.