OHS Management System Development

Having a robust safety management system in place is the foundation for managing safety in the workplace.

Every organisation, regardless of size, has an obligation and a duty of care to their workforce, subcontractors, visitors and the public to provide a safe and healthy workplace.

Each organisation has different needs and scope for specific program or elements in their safety management system.  We can assist in reviewing and developing your OHS program or elements in your Safety Management System.

Your program elements need to be developed to meet the needs specific to your industry, legislation requirements, best practice and your hazard and risk exposure.  If the “system” is developed to be fit for purpose it will result in the reduction of human injury, property and equipment damage, service interruption, and corporate and individual liabilities, therefore managing over all costs and risk factors.

When we design a system for your organisation, you can be assured it is unique to you and your company.  There are no ‘one-size-fits-all’ solutions for occupational health and safety.  The development of the Safety Management System is determined entirely by the objectives of the client concerned, and is therefore tailored to your specific needs.