nrt1Rescue Training

Confined Space, Heights, LV panel

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Confined Space Rescue
PUASAR025  Undertake Confined Space Rescue

Vertical Rescue
PUASAR032  Undertake Vertical Rescue
PUASAR022  Participate in a Rescue Operation

Rescue from a live LV panel
UETTDRRF06  Perform rescue from a live LV panel
UETTDRRF10  Provide first aid in an ESI environment


We offer 3 rescue packages at our purpose built facility, designed to be hands on.

The timeframe for Confined Space and Vertical rescue is dependent on a number of pre-requisite competencies being in place (and evidence of currency provided prior to the commencement of training).  Completely the pre-requisites concurrently with the rescue units will extend the duration of the training course.

The training is physical and will challenge the learners .  We ensure that our training feature real life, industry specific case studies and exercises for maximum impact with a focus on interactive hands on learning in small groups.